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ACER heads to the 2019 GoMOSES Conference

Friday, February 1st, 2019

Next week ACER scientists, staff and students will convene in New Orleans to be a part of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Sciences (GoMOSES) conference.

2019 GoMOSES logo

The theme of this year’s conference is “Minding the Gaps: Research Priorities for Response, Restoration, and Resilience” focusing on what we have learned in the nearly nine years of dedicated research in the Gulf of Mexico, what questions still remain, and how do we prioritize future areas of research to address the remaining uncertainties to best inform future management decisions. This 2019 GoMOSES conference “also aims to look beyond the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to consider how various stressors contribute to ecological and social resilience in the Gulf of Mexico, and inform response, restoration, and resource management strategies.”

ACER researchers will showcase their data collected during the past three years of research. (*denotes ACER students)

Tuesday, February 5th, Poster session (5:30-7:30 PM)

“Responses of Sulfate-Reducing Bacterial Communities to Hydrocarbon Contamination.”
-M. Feeney*, M. Parsons, A. Robertson, H. Urakawa

“Succession Pattern and Phylotype Analysis of Microphytobenthic Communities in a Simulated Oil Spill Seagrass Mesocosm Experiment.”
-T. Hancock*, S. Blonder*, A. Bury*, A. Robertson, M. Parsons, H. Urakawa

Wednesday, February 6th, Oral session - 016 (4:30-4:45 PM)

“Predicting Disturbance-driven Impact on Ecosystem Services in Coastal Wetlands in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.”
-N. Flournoy, P. Crawford, A. Kleinhuizen, C. Tatariw, B. Mortazavi, P. Sobecky

Wednesday, February 6th, Poster session (5:30-7:30 PM)

“Using Functional Marker Genes to Characterize Denitrifying Microbial Populations in Oil-Impacted Barrier Islands.”
-P. Crawford, P. Whitehurst*, N. Flournoy, C. Tatariw, B. Mortazavi, P. Sobecky

“The Effect of Avicennia germinans Expansion on Salt Marsh Nitrogen Cycling.”
-C. Tatariw, A. Kleinhuizen, N. Flournoy, P. Crawford, P. Sobecky, B. Mortazavi

“Microbial Community Structure and Diversity of Avicennia germinans and Spartina alterniflora Associated Sediments in Northern Gulf of Mexico Salt Marsh Habitats.”
-P. Whitehurst*, N. Flournoy, C. Tatariw, P. Crawford, B. Mortazavi, P. Sobecky

ACER student posters