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Educational Blogs

Scientists use a great deal of jargon or special words to talk about their research. And yet the ideas behind the work are usually pretty straightforward. In many disciplines, they also use sophisticated equipment to test their ideas. In this series of posts, we attempt to reveal the ideas being tested in the ACER project by explaining the research, the equipment being used and the areas being studies in non-technical, everyday language.

Word Wednesday: Ever wonder about the jargon scientists use? In our Word Wednesday series, we explain the meaning behind scientific terms and concepts important in ACER research.

Tool Talk: What are some of the tools that scientists use to answer questions through their research? In our Tool Talk series, we explain some of the common methods and technologies scientists are using to conduct ACER research.

Habitat Focus: The Gulf of Mexico is a diverse and unique place. ACER’s work is focusing on the Gulf’s coastal ecosystems. But what are these ecosystems? What are the plants and animals found there? Why are these habitats critical? In our Habitat Focus series, we explore the various habitats that are the focus of ACER research.