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ACER presents….

Friday, April 1st, 2016

With the first year of research under our belt, ACER scientists and students headed out to present their findings at scientific conferences.

The Ocean Sciences meeting was held in New Orleans during February 21-26 and ACER principal investigators Dr. Jeff Krause and Dr. Kelly Dorgan headed off with their students to present what they have found during their first year of research.

  • ACER MS student Liesl Cole presented a poster “Seasonal Variability in Phytoplankton Responses to Water Accommodated Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Northern Gulf of Mexico” (Authors: L.K. Cole, J.W. Krause, and K. Thamatrakoln) and ACER PhD student Kara Gadeken presented a poster “Applications of Ecophylogenetics to Benthic Communities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Do Functional Traits Follow Phylogeny?” (Authors: K. Gadeken, K.M. Dorgan, J. Moore, and S.K. Berke)

The 42nd Benthic Ecology meeting was held in Portland, Maine during March 17-20 with ACER principal investigators Dr. John Valentine, Dr. Charlie Martin, Dr. Ken Heck and Dr. Randall Hughes attending.

  • Drs. Valentine and Martin presented their poster “Analysis of Long­term Datasets Indicates Heterogeneous Impacts Resulting from the DwH Accident on Nekton in the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico (Authors: J. F. Valentine, C. W. Martin , M. Drymon , T. Spearman , S. P. Powers) and Wetland’s group technician, Whitney Scheffel, presented a poster for Drs. Heck and Hughes titled “Impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil pollution on wetlands resiliency (Authors: A. Hughes , K. Heck, J. Cebrian, B. Mortazavi , P. Sobecky , N. Flournoy , W. Scheffel, J. Goff)
Posters at Benthics
Drs. Valentine and Martin (L) and ACER technician Whitney Scheffel (R) presented posters at the Benthic Ecology Meeting held in Portland, Maine. Photo credit: D. Byron